We will do everything we can to help you, but there are a few situations where we can’t. We think it’s important that we’re upfront about them, so there are no surprises.

We can’t...

Offer unlimited cover without a contribution

We provide two theft or loss claims in any annual period of insurance and two claims for repairs (including cracked screens) without you needing to pay anything other than your membership premium (most insurers ask you to pay a contribution / excess for every claim).

We’ll still help you if you have more claims that this, but you’ll need to make a contribution (sometimes called an excess).

Upgrade devices

If we replace a device it will be a like-for-like replacement, or the nearest possible model.

Cover your devices if they have been left unattended or unconcealed in a public space

An obvious one really, but we do cover your devices if they’re left in client workspaces and shared offices or co-working spaces where access is controlled.

Provide cover for damage caused by normal wear and tear, computer viruses, loss of value or loss of data.

Cover loss of earnings whilst a device is awaiting repair or replacement.

Cover any financial, contractual or other indirect or consequential loss resulting from the inability to use your devices.

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