If you need to leave your device somewhere public then we expect you to lock it away out of sight if at all possible.

If you cannot lock it away then you must leave it with someone you trust or concealed out of sight in a safe place.

The exception to this is in co-working spaces or shared offices where access is controlled.

If you knowingly leave your device where others can see it (but you cannot) and your gadget is then lost or stolen, we may not pay your claim.

For example:

  • in a cafe or pub you leave your gadget on the table when you go to the bar to pick up your drink instead of taking it with you
  • leaving your gadget on display in your car
  • leaving your gadget in the care of someone you don’t know well
  • if you are at the gym and you leave your gadget on a bench in the changing rooms rather than taking it with you or locking it in a locker.
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