What do you cover?
We cover most mobile electronic devices valued at over £250 against theft, loss, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown.

Will I be covered straight away?
If this is your first InMyBag policy, you are not covered for claims arising from events that occur within the first 14 days of the period of insurance.

Does my device have to be under 1 year old?
No, we cover mobile phones up to 3 years old and laptops up to 5 years old.

How do you carry out your repairs and replacements?
We have partnerships with Apple® and Amazon® to help us deliver on our promise of same-day resolution.

Do you cover items stored in the hold of aeroplanes?
Yes, unlike most other insurers we cover items lost or damaged whilst stored in luggage in the hold of an aeroplane. We will need you to report the loss to the airline in order for us to process this type of claim.  

Is there an excess fee for claims?
There is a £25 excess for repair and a £50 excess for replacement for the first two events. For the third and fourth events, repair and replacement excesses increase to £50 and £150 respectively. Subsequent repair or replacement events will have an excess of £100 and £500 respectively.

If my device is stolen, do you require a police report?
Yes, we would need a crime reference number in order to process the claim.

What kind of accidental damage do you cover?
We cover damage that affects the functionality of the device, but we cannot cover normal wear and tear.

Am I covered when abroad?
Yes, we offer you the same level or service whilst you’re abroad for up to 90 days per year.

Do I need to provide proof of purchase?
Yes, we require proof of purchase. This can be submitted after you buy your policy, but we must have received this information in order to process a claim. If you do not have a receipt we can work with you to find suitable proof of purchase.

Do you cover refurbished or second-hand devices?
Yes, as long as it was refurbished by the manufacturer or network provider and you can provide proof of purchase.

How do you calculate the cost of my policy?
The cost will depend on the overall value of the items you are trying to insure. We have the majority of devices listed in our inventory, and value is assessed taking into account the depreciation of the item.

Do I have to live in the UK?
Yes, unfortunately we can currently only provide InMyBag to UK residents. 

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